Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Selective Politics

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but thought I would wait until I really solidified my opinions and thoughts on this topic. (You know, since politics is always controversial).

I realise that my last political post (Me Among Trump Supporters) was written in a state of major frustration, which I don’t regret, but though it was coming from an honest and truthful place, it lacked retrospect which is what I intend to provide through this post.

Politics, to a large extent, is immensely personal. Your political alignment usually represents your values, your beliefs, what rights you believe certain people should have; it represents what you think the word ‘progressive’ means to you, it represents how you wish to envision the future of the country you live in. It’s safe to say that your political views also represent your needs and wants, what you believe to be beneficial for yourself.

With that logic, it seems largely selfish of me to have so brutally bashed Trump supporters in my last post. Because the truth is, I am a member of the group coined the ‘liberal elite’. I can see nothing else but my personal wants, my personal vision of what the world should be like. I have only ever been surrounded by liberals like myself, only ever been told that to be accepting is to be progressive. This doesn’t go to say that my political views have been shaped by what I have been told, but to a certain extent my political views have been moulded by the environment that I live in - the environment that preaches equality across races, genders, occupations, etc.

It’s so easy to convince yourself that you are right if you have never attempted to explore the other side, so easy to regard the other side with disdain if you have never felt the same societal pressures as them, never experienced the same losses they have. For some time, I blamed myself for the outcome of the elections, for not ever attempting to understand the other side, for never thinking it would be eye-opening to talk to a republican, and perhaps understand why they believe in the things they do.

In a way, the intolerance that I associate the ‘far right’ to have against different races and sexual/gender identities is the same intolerance I hold for those of the ‘far right’. 

If I live by open-mindedness and tolerance as I say I do, then the only acceptable thing to do would be to approach other political views with the same attitude.

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