Thursday, 30 June 2016


When Emily entered the room, she coyly tip-toed her way through the cluster of words hurled across one gossamer glass wall to the other. She had somehow managed to slip herself unbeknownst to the other twelve into the middle of a manic discussion. The madness was real. Her fingers pricked against the jarring words that locked horns with each other before they were swallowed whole as quickly as they had appeared. Never had her tongue tasted so acrid a taste, never had her nose whiffed a scent so pungent it shot up and clung mercilessly at the edges of her brain.

At one end of the table a disgustingly paunchy man bellowed to his fatty heart’s content, his words dripping in a gloopy saliva and throttling the poor man across him. The sickeningly sallow woman seated next to him forced a string of words that shrilled through the sweltering heat down the throat of the man whose vulgar double chin Emily could not take her eyes off of. The frantic jumble of hand gestures made by the man opposite Emily could not keep up with his mind, which could not keep up with his jabbering mouth, and his words just plonked onto the table, one by one, until a pile that was big enough to fill the room and leave it bursting at the seams was created.

In the midst of this, Emily found and held for dear life onto a thread of momentary stillness. Her chatoyant eyes narrowed in on a single grain of dust settling softly onto the glacial leaf of paper atop a marble slab. A clinquant gem on the ballpoint pen twinkled luringly, and the uninterrupted sound of nothingness pranced merrily around her dazed head and weaved itself into the deep chambers of her ears. She salvaged such a precious moment before tumbling back into the bedlam she had tried so hard to escape from.


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